Our Process

When a client contacts the Peppercorn Project, a brief of the exact nature of the project is created, Peppercorn Project will consult closely with the client till the brief is created and mutually agreed upon.

A timeline of approvals, deliverables, outcomes and a payment schedule is created.

Peppercorn Project then undertakes extensive research about the project and it’s target audience this may include audio interviews with stakeholders and others involved. Research using the Web, reference material and any other sources deemed necessary.

Peppercorn Project will bring a fresh approach to every media communication project and will use  psychology, humour, an artistic aesthetic, post-modern approaches, and wild funky ideas to get the clients message across in a unique, original and creative way.

 A brainstorming process by the Peppercorn crew will create a number of ideas and approaches and in consultation with the client a draft of the final approach is created.

The team at the Peppercorn Project are highly skilled in, Ideas creation, filmmaking, audio production, graphic design, voice-over and narration, music composition, copy-writing and script-writing.

They also have an extensive list of professionals they work with including session vocalists, comedians and video presenters they can bring in when required.