• From Script to Screen.
    Our team can take your project from concept to finished product for web, broadcast or podcast or DVD in-house viewing. Documentary, feature, training and educational. We speak the language of film and radio and can translate your idea or concept to these mediums.

  • Photography and Copywriting 
    Event photography is a speciality, two photographers with different lenses to capture the big picture and the minutiae. Portraits, group shots,concerts, festivals. We can supply photos in any format. Post-production with Photoshop, creation of digital slideshows or printing from photo to A3+. Photos prepared for all media including web, newspapers.

  • Sound design and Music composition  
    Every film or audio production needs appropriate original music and sounds that enhance and support the visuals or the spoken word. We can create original music soundtracks and special effects for all manner of media projects. 

  • Art installation and Performance.  
    Enhance any event with a targeted and themed performance or installation, from spoken word to an art installation. As an example Peppercorn Project opened the Blue Knob Gallery 'Pandora's Box' exhibition with a specially created shadow puppetry play dramatising the myth of Pandora's Box complete with pre-recorded audio narration and soundtrack. 

  • Creative Youth Projects 
    Our curricular based projects provide tangible results, broadcast quality DVD, interactive web pages, original soundtracks, and can culminate in performance and screenings.

  • Spicing up Corporate Events and Conferences 
    “Breaking the Ice” is fundamental to the success of any conference or corporate event. Your group of disparate conference participants need to bond and connect, the sooner the better. There are many ways to do this -‘Shared Experience’ is one, This can be achieved in a number of ways. From uniquely designed and  targeted Art installations, Multi-media projections and slideshows and performance at the entrance or foyer of your event, to individually tailored Ice breakers and  team building exercises at the start and during your event.
    Take the pressure of conference conveners and speakers, get your conference working together fast, break down barriers between people and let them have fun.

    Research has shown that people people learn more when they are relaxed. Humour and fun can bring about this state of relaxation. Darmin Cameron is an experienced workshop Facilitator and Trainer he has delivered 100’s of workshops to a variety of people over the last 15 years and has learnt a multitude of ways to “Break the Ice”. Darmin taught the Indigenous Masters Degree at Southern Cross University for the last 6 years and for many years was a Clown Doctor for the Humour Foundation. He is also an artist, musician, presenter and filmmaker.Paris Naday is an artist, performer and multi-media/IT whiz, she is an experienced Facilitator and Trainer who has developed many strategies to help people learn faster and easier. Paris is also a musician and filmmaker.